Life is Good (#1) Henderson Village  LbNA # 42054

Placed DateJul 18 2008
LocationPerry, GA
Planted ByTanner    
Found By Nuts Down
Last Found Jun 24 2011
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Life is Good (#1) Henderson Village

Life is Good #1

My son has a "Life is Good" sticker on his letterbox journal, and I thought it looked like something I could carve. (I have very basic carving skills - and it looked easy enough!) Anyway, I love all of the Life is Good images........they are so simple, but they make me smile.

This one is at a wonderful place called Henderson Village. One of my best friends got married there, and it is just gorgeous. I hid this one in a very basic place - I could have made the clue tricky and wind through the gardens....but I wouldn't want anyone to get suspicious looks from the guests or staff members! The staff members are friendly, and there is a guest reception area where they can tell you how to find the tenant cottages if you have trouble.

Get on the main property of Henderson Village - look for the tenant cottages. There is a sign by them, and a small parking area. Walk down a path toward the gardens/pool. The tenant cottages will be to your left, and a large bird cage thing is on the right. (a very large bird cage that is) Anyway, you won't go far......and you'll see a little white building. On the door, it says "Games Room. Use other door." If you are looking at the sign on the door, there are stairs leading up to it. Under the right-hand side of the stairs you'll find the letterbox. Be sure to shove it back under the first stair so it is not visible to people passing by. This is a pretty good spot because you'll look like you are just touring the gardens, but it's kind of off the main path. Have lunch at Henderson Village if you get a chance - it is wonderful. Better yet....spend the night! Much better than an interstate hotel!