Smiley Face Box  LbNA # 42061

Placed DateJul 22 2008
LocationClive, IA
Planted By4 J's    
Found By Luxem Via
Last Found Jul 29 2010
Hike Distance?

This is another Greenbelt Park Letterbox.

Take a drive through the neighborhood of Walnut Terrace and enter into Walnut Hills.

Park on the street somewhere close to Aurora Avenue and NW 163rd Circle.

Look for the mailboxes on Aurora/164th. Across the street is a sidewalk path leading between homes to Greenbelt park.

When you reach the gravel road, go west until you are about one quarter past the pond.

Look for a drainage area with lots of rocks. Go to the south side of the road and move about one quarter of the way around the rocks towards the east. Look under the rocks and you'll find our letterbox.