The Family Tree Chaos  LbNA # 42096

OwnerThe Rabid Hares      
Placed DateJul 11 2008
LocationClifton, VA
Found ByThe Olympian
Last UpdateAug 29 2013


Once a year, we meet at the beach for a week, and then we have a mini reunion at my parentsí house in Little Rocky Run. It is a very special time for all of us because we donít get to see each other that often. We bring our families to town from California, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. It is always a chaotic, fun time, and it is a great way for our children to get to know one another. This year, we started Letterboxing, and now we are all hooked! This is our second letterbox Ė we placed our first one at the beach. My sister is an artist, so she was kind enough to carve the stamp for us. (We knew she was talented even as a kid - you should have seen her Easter eggs compared to mine!)

To find The Family Tree Chaos Letterbox:

Locate Centreville High School to begin your search. When the High School is on your left, you will pass four streets on your right. Turn right onto Laurel Rock Court. Follow Laurel Rock Ct. through a stop sign, and continue to the culdesac at the bottom. Park in the culdesac. Between 13828 and 13830 is a small path. (You should see a sign for Little Rocky Run Trail.) Go down the steps and follow the trail to the right. Keep walking until you see a bridge. Take 25 female paces, look to your right, and locate the downed tree. Three paces to the right of the downed tree, there is a big rock. Under this rock is what you seek.

If you have children with you, continue on the path to enjoy a small playground.

When you find the box, please email us at to let us know how it went.

Have fun!