888  LbNA # 42119

OwnerPuzzler's Guides    
Placed DateAug 8 2008
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Jun 11 2009
Hike Distance?

888 Letterbox

Date placed 8/8/08
Puzzle Difficulty: Moderate
Hike Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous
Distance of hike: about 2 miles roundtrip
Watch for bears and mountain lions, lightning

Find this hand-carved stamp in a classic Boulder hike location! First solve the puzzle, then take the directions to the trail. Could there be more than one box?

Write the answer to each clue, then locate the letter indicated by the number in parentheses. If a number is indicated by the clue, write out the letters of the number.

Example: 1. (4) Number of keys on a piano. Answer: eighty-eight, letter = H.

1. (6) The string order on a standard 8-string guitar.
2. (8) Famous quipster baseball player who wore #8.
3. (5) The eighth element of the periodic table.
4. (5) In this extremely rare condition, a piece of the 8th chromosome is missing.
5. (3) Steve Young was #8 for this team (give city and team).
6. (8) The name of an eight-sided star.
7. (3) 8th sign of the zodiac.
8. (3) The 1st surviving set of octuplets were born here.
9. (8) I-8 runs from San Diego to this city.
10. (9) Full name of the instrument with 88 keys.
11. (8) The worth of a piece of eight.
12. (6) Numbers that always have 8 divisors.
13. (8) In the 8th episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, the cost of the bed the newlyweds are quoted the first time.
14. (3) The chess piece that is represented eight times per player.
15. (9) This player is represented by the number 8 in baseball shorthand.
16. (9) The eight ball is the most important ball in this game.
17. (7) The fortune-telling toy the Magic Eight Ball had several non-committal answers. This one says "Cannot ______ Now."
18. (6) 1/8 duration of a whole note is known as an eighth note and this.
19. (8) Name of the principle tie-in knot of rock climbing.
20. (8) This NHL player had the #88 for the Flyers.
21. (1) 8th word of The Beatles "Eight Days a Week" counting the "ooh" as word #1.
22. (9) The internal angle of a regular octagon.

Now read down the list of letters for the name of the trail.

Once you know the name of the trail, park on the main road. Follow the trail along, down a long hill (you'll have a nice glimpse of Boulder here) and up a small hill, passing some blocky rocks. The trail will flatten out for a little while and then go up again. As you begin to top out on this rise you will have another view of Boulder through the trees and you will see a rock pile with a large tree almost in the path. Stop here and look to the top of the rise. There is a group of small boulders on the right with an overhanging boulder protected by a small tree. Look between the 2nd and 3rd closest boulders to the tree for 888 letterbox. This location is not more than 1 mile from the trailhead. Feel free to continue to the peak.

Good Luck!

Update 10/20/09: OSMP (Open Space and Mountain Parks) is cracking down on off-trail hiking. One of the bonus boxes has been pulled and I can't re-place it.