Bluebird Capitol of Texas  LbNA # 42120

Ownereast tx crew    
Placed DateJul 23 2008
CountyVan Zandt
LocationWills Point, TX
Found By Scatshop
Last Found Jul 11 2010
Hike Distance?

In 1995, Wills Point was officially named the "Bluebird Capitol of Texas" by Gov. George W. Bush. This was because Wills Point was shown to have the highest population of bluebirds on the Audubon bird count, more than any other place in Texas. The water tower on the east side of town has a bluebird on it and they celebrate the Bluebird Festival every year in April.

You will need to find Wills Point on a map. It lies along Hwy 80 in east Texas. Find where Hwy 80 and FM 47 meet, there is a stop light here. Turn North on FM 47 and follow to the second stop sign. You will see that FM 47 continues on to the right and FM 751 goes to the left. Turn onto FM 751 and travel .9 miles. You will see a small sign on your right for the bluebird wilderness trail. Pull in to this circular drive and pull around to the trail and park.

To the box: Start down the trail to the second picnic table, it will be on the left. stand facing the table, look to your left and you will see 3 trees that have grown together, the box is behind these trees. Happy Hunting and please recover well.