Whining Dog  LbNA # 42150

Placed DateJul 24 2008
CountySan Bernardino
LocationAngelus Oaks, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Jun 18 2012
Hike Distance?

The trip to this letterbox is a hike of approx. 1 1/2 miles in the San Bernardino National Forest area, so you will need a Forest Adventure Pass ($5 for 1 day or $30 for one year). The hike itself is not strenuous, but as with any wilderness activity, be sure to carry food, warm clothing, and plenty of water.

This was our first attempt at placing a letterbox--please let us know how we did! It was also the first time camping for our younger dog, who was rather nervous about the whole idea--hence the name "Whining Dog".

From Redlands, take highway 38 towards Big Bear. You will pass by the Mill Creek Ranger station, which is a convenient place to get the Forest Adventure Pass. Continue up highway 38 through Angelus Oaks and about 6 miles past the Barton Flats visitor center until you reach the turnoff for Heart Bar campground and Wild Horse equestrian campground.

Exit onto this road (road 1N02) and drive past several campgrounds and a trailhead for the Santa Ana River Trail until the road forks. Road 1N02 continues to the left and road 1N05 splits off to the right. Look for a road sign dead ahead—you will be parking in the area directly behind this sign (use either road to get to it).

From the parking area you will walk across road 1N05 to the west to the Santa Ana River Trail trailhead. (Spend much time in this area and you will discover there are about a gazillion Santa Ana River Trail trailheads!) Follow the trail, also known as 2E03, as it goes west. As you go you will pass by these landmarks:
-a sign marked “2E03” (about 3/8 mile)
-a sharp turn at a fallen log (about 3/4 mile)
-another “2E03” sign (about 1 mile)
-a sign marking the turnoff to the Aspen Grove and Fish Creek trails (maybe 1-1/4 miles)

Approx. 1/4 mile after the Aspen Grove/Fish Creek turnoff, watch for a large, dying pine tree leaning over toward a medium-sized dead pine tree to the left of the trail. As you get closer you will see 3 baby junipers on the right side of the trail. Standing between the dead pine tree and the baby trees, you will see the trail dips down and there is a series of 4 rock outcroppings in a row going uphill on the left side of the trail. Look a bit further uphill to find a fifth, larger outcropping. The letterbox is in a crevice under this outcropping, with some rocks concealing it.

Please send an e-mail if the box is missing or damaged. Hope you enjoy!