Tweetie McPeet  LbNA # 42162 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 17 2008
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationCanmore, ALB
Planted ByBlue J    
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Hike Distance?

On the Trans Canada Highway, driving between Calgary and Canmore, take the turnoff north to Bow Valley Provincial Park.
Immediately on your right, turn into Willowrock Campground and park near the restroom block.
North of the restroom block, find the 15 wooden steps down to the amphitheatre (HINT: between the bicycle rack & the Falling Water trail head).
Cross the back of the amphitheatre, continue on the path and cross a wooden bridge. Turn left and cross a second wooden bridge.
From the end of the 2nd bridge, take 25 steps to where the pipe crosses the pathway, by two trees fallen over the stream on your left.
Walk 22 more paces to where a tree on your right is snapped off at about 5 feet.
Take 10 steps more on the path to stand beside a very large tangled root bundle.
Walk 23 more steps. On your right are 3 trees growing close together. Facing them, look to the bottom of the right-hand tree where there is a fallen log.
Search under the rocks in front of the fallen log.
Careful of thistles!
Please replace the rocks.
Placed by BluJ, AngelA and Mason Mouse