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Blanc Park  LbNA # 42180 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 24 2008
LocationSt. Petersburg, FL
Planted ByGoosebump Gang    
Found By JEldridge(JE)
Last Found Sep 5 2009
Hike Distance?


I Have replaced the box,(10/07/08), let's hope that it is not taken again. Have Fun!!!

This is a very small park located in the Woodlawn area of St. Petersburg, Florida. The park is named after Charles Blanc a former Mayor of St. Petersburg in the 1920's.

To get there one needs to travel on MLK Street N. (9th St. N.) to 28th Ave. N. Turn west and you will arrive at the east end of the park at 10th St., 28th Avenue becomes a one-way street around the park. Drive west and park (on the street) near the west end.

There is a bench at the west end of the park, this is a good place to ponder. Take a seat, Question: Look ahead and a little to the right, what helps guide us through the night?

Answer: ________ count the number of these that are located in the park and remember the number.

Walk along the center sidewalk to the east until you reach the park sign on your right. Stand facing the sign (south) at the center of the sign and locate yourself on the edge of the walk. You are now as many steps as the answer to the question from the box.

Wait! There is one more thing to ponder: if something is in your way, just walk around to claim you’re prey. The box is on the ground in the bushes.

Please make sure that know one is watching you and return the box so that it is out of site.