Tour De Europe  LbNA # 42189

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateJul 27 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By Avilon Lane
Last Found Oct 10 2008
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TOURE DE EUROPE Checked 5/2/09: all intact

Start your tour at the
Crabtree Greenway

This hunt is about 1 1/2 miles round trip. It can be walked or biking is nice too.

Park your car at the little lot to the right as you enter Crabtree Mall from Edwards Mill Rd.

Walk up Edwards Mill on the Mall side of the street and you will see the entrance to the Crabtree Greenway around the corner to the Left.


As you walk under the overpass look into the stream, there are box turtles all around! You will also notice bird nests overhead and insect nests on the walls!

Pass over the first bridge and go to the right of it. In front of the bricks you will see some stones. Look down and you will spot a smaller stone. ISRAEL rests under the smaller stone.

We visited Israel and got to walk the areas where Christ was and see the sites of the city: the Wailing Wall, Masada Jerico, the Jordan River and many other areas. My favorite place was where THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT, or the BLESSED sermon was given.


Cross over the 2nd wooden bridge.
Do you see the "?" in the pavement on the left? Don't go that pathway.
Do you see IQ on the blacktop? Follow that path.
Cross over the next bridge.
Before you get to the next railed pathway, you will see a small footpath on your right, take that path.
Shortly you will see a stump on your left.
A piece of moss and bark should be covering the hole in which the SCOTTISH THISTLE rests.

Scotland is a beautiful old country where the hills are full of flower and greenery and the people are full of jest and history.


Keep following the path straight.
You will pass a bridge on your right, go across it and turn L . Go to the first bridge and stop by the first wooden vertical post of the bridge on the R side. Do not cross the bridge. Look to the R and find the tree with a hole in the bottom of it. AUSTRIA is buried in the hole. WEAR GLOVES!!

From the top of Eagle's Nest (Hitler's Teahouse) in Berchesgarten Germany, 3 countries can be seen: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Austria looks the most beautiful from there. It is a very old, very quaint country. I enjoyed it.


Cross over the bridge, then another long bridge.
Take an immediate Right up a small trail.
You will see two different large trees in a close embrace on the right .The bark looks very different on each tree.
VIVE LA FRANCE is hidden behind the base of the tree.

Please rehide it well, as this path looks like a used cuthrough for the residents nearby.

Actually I never did see the Eiffle tower, but it is a good symbol for the country I visited. They have good pastry, wine and cheese!

Retrace your steps to find your way home. I hope you have enjoyed my hunt!