Stony Run  LbNA # 42204

Placed DateJul 25 2008
LocationAshland, VA
Planted Bybunana    
Found By photojennicmama
Last Found Feb 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Well, you couldn't ask for a finer place to be. This is our first letter box stamp. The stamp reflects one of the many things that makes Ashland such a great place to live.

Stony Run trail is located on the South end of Ashland at Center St. and Ashcake Road -- next to the railroad tracks. It heads north-west to James and Francis Sts. You might park in either location, but the one by the tracks is slightly easier. Its a couple hundred yards from the tracks, and about 1/2 mile from the James/Francis end.

From Center/Ashcake, head down the trail. When you get down the hill on the right you'll notice the first of several cement sewer access thingys. You might call them pillars of creativity, but that might be a stretch. Just after the fourth pillar, notice a tree covered bench on the left. In the vee of the first tree, you'll discover your quarry.

From James/Francis, head down the trail. There's thorny branches that may try to reach out and grab you! Be careful. When you get to the clearing at the bottom of the hill, notice the pillar of creativity on the right. Head left on the trail. Before you get to the next pillar, notice the bench and look for the closest tree to the bench.

Leaves of three, leave it be! Beware of ivy
Welcome to Ashland!