X-mas Decorations  LbNA # 42212

Placed DateJul 26 2008
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 26 2009
Hike Distance?

These stamps made their debut at the Christmas in July gather at Salmon River State Park. They are planted in another location for a limited time through 1/31/08 and then they will be pulled. You’ll need Christmas colors to decorate them.

Once upon a time there were 2 little elves who lived in a house of stone overlooking the ocean. They often frolicked in their front yard on the rocky shores. What fun they had!

One day they decided to make a tribute for the holidays. Being shy, they were reluctant to invite people to come to their house to enjoy the tributes so they hid them on their property. They didn’t want to make the tributes too difficult to find either so they made some concessions.

From the concession they could see 2 roads going in the same direction sort of like a boulevard. They didn’t take the right one. The road gradually inclined and the elves saw a stone wall forming on the right side of the road they were on. Several steps further they peeked through the trees and saw a red trail on the “right” road. Staying on the road they were on, the smaller elf positioned his right shoulder such that it lined up with the trail marker. Now looking left he tossed the first tribute to the larger elf who placed it in the stone wall behind a “rock” that doesn’t belong.

Pushing on, they passed the “Do Not Enter” sign on their right. They raced down the slight decline, laughing as they flew and when the road came in from the right, they stopped on a dime. Several steps ahead they found a clump of 5 “live” ones and at 280 degrees from there was a ledge with a wooden confine perfect for the second tribute.

Soon they could see their wonderful home. They decided it would be fun to secretly watch from their windows as people came to find their tributes. From the southwest corner of their porch, they hid the third tribute about 3 feet towards the water just under the slab behind one loose stone.

The elves would be so happy if you’d look for their tributes and perhaps you might catch a glimpse of one peeking out the window as you are stamping in on their porch.