Rails to Trails- Roxton  LbNA # 42216

OwnerAR Honey BEE    
Placed DateAug 1 2008
LocationRoxton, TX
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In 1859 William "Billy" Klyce, a land agent, traveling through the area was very
impressed and bought ten acres of land on the hill overlooking Eli Barnett,s and
John Denton's land. Here he dug a well and built his home. Beside his home he
started a small store which at first consisted of only a lean-to made of split
logs for walls and had a dirt floor.
Soon others settled around Billy's store to which he had added a flour and grist
mill. The Post Office was then relocated to his store and the official name of
the settlement became Prairie Mount.
By late 1860 there were three stores in Prairie Mount. Billy Klyce had sold his
store to Captain D. D. Porter. Gill Terrell had built a second store and M.
D."Diller" Hackleman had built a third.
For many years, local citizens called the the small settlement of Prairie Mount,
Rockston because of the many limestone rocks used around Billy Klyce's original
store. So the postal service changed the town's name to Rockston. It wasn't long
before the natives shortened this to Roxton. In 1887 the town petitioned the
postal service and the spelling was changed to Roxton.

clues to the letter box, make your way to Roxton Texas. Find the Rails to Trails museum.(only open 1st friday of each month). There is a fountain in front of the meuseum as well as a memoriam to war vets. The letterbox is behind the fountain.