Exercising Liberty  LbNA # 42222

Placed DateJul 28 2008
LocationLiberty Township, OH
Found By Beangirl
Last Found Sep 22 2012
Hike Distance?

You will need a pen, inkpad and stamp. Please wear your gym shoes, there is walking involved!

You will start your adventure at Ft. Liberty Park*(see below if you need directions). Park in the parking lot. Head west down the trail that will lead you to the Parcourse Fitness Circuit.
You will enjoy the circuits around the park....see if you can complete all of them.
At Parcourse #8, standing at the sign, go about 28 paces. Look to the left in the patch of trees, you will be looking for an old "thorny" tree. Once you have your eyes on that thorny tree, go back 8 paces from where you once were. You will be looking for an old rusty metal barrel that is behing the wire fence. Be careful, because it's in the barrel that you will find what you are looking for.
Please remember to place the box where you found it when you are done.
Enjoy! We hope that you had fun "Exercising Liberty"!

*From 75 take exit #24 (Hamilton / 129)
take to exit #21 (Springdale/Middletown/747)
Head South on 747. At Hamilton-Mason Road, make a left.
Take a Left on VanGorden. At the top of the hill to your left you will see Ft. Liberty Park.