Flora and Fauna at the NJSBG  LbNA # 42224

Placed DateJul 28 2008
LocationRingwood, NJ
Found By accbd
Last Found Jan 8 2012
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Flora and Fauna at the NJSBG

2 box series with hand carved stamps.

This hike takes place at the New Jersey State Botanical Garden, although it is somewhat off the beaten path.
Allow at least two leisurely hours for both boxes. (It intentionally takes the “scenic route”)
There is only one brief uphill. The rest of the way is easy walking. It is beautiful in every season.

At times there is a fee for this area.
So it is best to call ahead or check their website. http://www.njbg.org/

Box # 1 “The Rhodora”
This walk takes place on Eagle trail next to a stream bed in fern & rhododendron habitat.

• Enter the NJSBG and follow the signs for Parking lot B.

• After parking in B lot, begin walking down the road towards parking lot C.

• You will see a Historic Dairy on your right.

• Look out for the wooden Eagle Trail marker on the left side of the road.

• Take Eagle Trail to marker #2

• At marker #2, stand with your stomach on the numeral.
• Then go 9 steps at 250 degrees west.

• You will come to a tree with a SPOR at its base. Your Rhodora is there under the largest rock.

Box # 2 “To a Butterfly”

This walk passes open fields, fruit trees, flowers, and has a view of the mountains in the distance. It is busy with birds, bees and butterflies. We have even seen foxes at dusk.

• Follow Eagle Trail till you comes to a fork on the trail.

• Stay left and come to a wooden Eagle Trail marker at the road.

• Cross the road and go into the grassy field.

• Up ahead and to the left you will see statues.

• Beginning at the statues, leading to the right across the field, is a double row of crabapple trees. ( This is known as “crabapple vista”)

• Enter crab apple vista and follow it until you see the girl and the goose on your left.

• The girl and the goose point the way through the birch trees.

• Come to a large (flower filled) angel faced fountain.

• Make a left at the fountain and go through the two terra cotta urns.

• Make a right on the road

• Walk past a comfort station. (Or take comfort if you need to ;))

• The right way to walk is “The Wrong Way”

• Just past a stone structure, at a large forked oak, is a step and an opening in a rock wall.

• Walk thought the opening and stand with the wall at your left.

• Walk straight ahead to the road (just past the white pine.)

• Make a right on this road and follow the “Crossover Trail” sign.

• Enter the woods at the double white markers of the Crossover Trail.

• Stay left and climb the hill.

• When faced with a choice, always choose uphill.

• Arrive at a Pergola in the middle of nowhere.

• Walk through the Pergola and exit on an old road at a rock wall.

• Follow the old road, keeping the rock wall at your right.

• At the end of the rock wall, (just past a U-bend) look down into the woods.

• At the base of a tree with a SPOR at its base leads you “To a Butterfly” (You should be standing in the woods with the back of the U-bend in the rock wall at your right.)

From here you can backtrack to the car. (There are lots of short-cuts) Enjoy the rest of the New Jersey State Botanical Gardens on your way back!