Thunder Mountain (a.k.a. Elephant Zap)  LbNA # 42227

Placed DateJul 28 2008
CountySan Bernardino
LocationAngelus Oaks, CA
Found By jennby
Last Found Jul 28 2011
Hike Distance?

Planted by: Coltrane (6), Kyle (13), Griffin (10), Justin (9), Ryan (4), Silus (6) and Jenn (37) during Family Camp 2008. (STATUS AS OF JULY 2011 - ALIVE AND WELL!)

There are 2 ways in which to find this one. If you are a camper at deBenneville Pines, then follow the second set of clues. If not, look at the 1st set and start from the road. Then refer to the 2nd set for a bit of the specifics...

Clue Set #1: You'll want to do a wee bit of research before you set out. Google a camp by the name deBenneville Pines and find the address. You'll start at the creek, which is just a little bit up the road from the camp sign. You're going to be heading upstream. Facing up, take the path on the right side. Continue up, alongside the stream's ledge for a while. Watch for the large boulder, on the right of where you're walking (stream on your left, boulder on your right). You'll also see bushes and the meadow mentioned below. You'll know you're in the right area if you look far to the right and see a small building that belongs to the camp.

Clue Set #2: Begin at the Coffee House and head straight to the stream. "Follow the yellow brick trail" past the big rocks and the fallen, broken tree. Watch for the HUGE rock on your right, you'll know you're on the correct path. You'll see a meadow clearing with a stump and maybe even hear the stream. Go to the stump. Look diagonal right and see the large boulder in the middle of 3. Go 15 - 20 steps (depending on your age). Look under the left side and you'll see a cluster of little rocks. Under it you'll find what you seek. Be sure you stamp in, date it, and reseal well. Also, please put the rocks back to protect our little Thunder Mountain.