Cub Scout Pack 86 First Letterbox  LbNA # 42246

OwnerMuggles No More    
Placed DateJul 29 2008
CountyOther International
LocationOsan Air Base in South Korea, INT
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Cub Scout Pack 86 First Letterbox

Staying at the Turumi lodge can be such fun! When you come out of the doors by “Rickenbachers” turn right. Walk past six benches directly on the path. At the road turn right and continue on the sidewalk. If you see a giant jalapeno you are on the right path. Stay on the red brick road and look for a place that entertains lots of people. When you find this place, look around carefully until you find Pegasus.
Facing Pegasus, calibrate your compass to read North. Turn towards the West and find a pathway between two rocks. Looking left and right, cross over to the other side. Take an immediate 90 degree angle left turn and cross another cross walk. Continue straight. After crossing PilSung Road, turn right and proceed South. Cautiously cross the drive way and you will see a building full of knowledge. Walk up the steps and enter.
Look for the man that developed the system used to categorize library books. When you are facing him, turn right and walk until you see….oh my goodness…I wonder if it says “Polly wants a cracker”
When you are standing under this creature who wants a cracker, stand under it and look for the word “TUMBLE”. When you see this word look lower.
The final clue…..would you go to the library to “order a phoenix”????
Congratulations ….you completed your quest!
The Cub Scouts of Osan Air Base Pack 86 would like to thank you for finding our letterbox. We hope you had fun. Please remember to stamp in! Go to and let us know when you found our box!
If you had fun doing this, please hide your own letterbox and post clues so we can look for it!