Tourist's Guide to Prosser WA: New Passages (R in  LbNA # 42278 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 29 2008
LocationProsser, WA
Found By Frog hunters
Last Found May 25 2013
Hike Distance?

A Tourist's Guide to Prosser, Wa is series project under development highlighting various points of the community. Each location will be entered as a separate box for search/logging convenience. There is no vested interest in any businesses presented other than they were interesting to the planter and the area needs boxes.

Drive by if you do your research ahead of time
Hand Carved Stamp
First Finders Card

News Flash: Letterboxers in Prosser find NEW PASSAGES. Look for it in a place where books come and go. Few fees aRe charged here. MR. DEWEY created the map that will lead you through the maze to your find. Be aware, while most trails may lead books out, "Stay R Us" is the rule where this book is residing.

This box is meant to exercise your problem solving skills; however the curators aRe in on the fun.
Please stamp in discretely and rehide box carefully.

4/26/10 Unfortunately this location has reorganized making the clues a little harder to follow. However it is still possible to find if you look for information

My Notes:
First Finders comments: The second box we went to was your Library box, funny story on this one.
When we got there all six termanals were in use so the librarian asked us if we needed help. And you had said that they were in on it so we said sure. But when we explained what we wanted she had no idea what we were talking about. As we talked and explained further we realized that she was hired on after you had set the box. But she was sweet and willing to play along, she told us that that book had been pulled. I asked her to give me the call # of where it would have been maybe the box was still there near by. She did and then walked us in to the room to show us where it would have been found "if" it been there. You should have seen the look on her face when she pointed down to the shelf and said, "Well if it was still here it would be right...HEY! It's here it's not suppose to be here." She then pulled it and looked behind it, I told her to open the book, and her face hit the ground. She went on and on about how she just could not believe this was there and she never knew. We all loved this box.
Side note: She did say that the library has applied for a grant to change some things and that this area was due to be taken out. she also said that she might be able to move it to another location in the library. You might need to talk to her in case it would change your clues.