Our Favorite Place - WI  LbNA # 42295

OwnerTeam II    
Placed DateJul 29 2008
LocationGlendale, WI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

We recently took a vacation to Milwaukee, WI. We found lots or great parks, tours and other locations. We thought for our first plant we would share with you our favorite location from the trip.

Head over to the cemetery just north of Bay Shore Mall in Glendale, WI. Here you will start your journey.

Box 1
Find the angel with 1 arm next to the tree with 3 trunks.
Go to where she would be pointing.
Meet the Stewarts
Stand in front of the largest Stewart. Go approximately 13 steps
To your left is a big tree. Find your first clue here.

Box 2
For your next clue….walk towards the mall and look for the plumbers cross near where you parked.
Take approximately 20 steps from the cross.
Say “Hi” to mother Edna and father Hilbert.
Your next clue is in a shady spot.
*Update - I was notified that this stamp is missing. We will replace the next time we are in WI (probably in the fall). FYI - this is letter O.

Box 3
Now face the cemetery, take the path to your right.
Walk past the farm animal that you may count when you can’t sleep.
Continue until you see a tree with 4 trunks. Turn left and walk past Helen.
Pass musical notes, pass Bender, look for "Billie", behind you is the entrance to your next clue. The berries look good but don’t eat them! (Thanks Dragon for rehiding this!)

Box 4
Now start to walk to the back left corner of the cemetery.
You will pass the stump of a tree that will never die. If you look closely, you may see this family name somewhere on Elm Street.
Continue towards the corner of the cemetery where the Siamese twin tree stands. If you find where Frank S is hidden, you will find your next clue.

Box 5 ** this box is missing. the gnarled old stump fell apart and I think the box is lost somewhere in the rubble. You should be able to figure out the clue without this box.**
One clue left. You are almost done! Walk straight ahead until you see a big, gnarled stump. Within this stump is your last clue. Put all the letters together to see where it leads you!

Now you know our favorite location. We had such a wonderful vacation! Head on over and enjoy everything they have to offer.

**spoiler - if you are not from the area you may need this address to get to our favorite location after you find the clues - don't look up ahead unless you want to spoil the surprise!**

5373 N. Port Washington Rd.
Glendale, WI 53217