Strong Foundations  LbNA # 42300 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2008
LocationRidgefield, CT
Planted ByMajorB    
Found By Chrissy
Last Found Sep 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Background information: The John Soluri Preserve was once Outpost Nursery property. The 46 acre preserve has entrances from Fox Hill condominiums (where we will start), Linden Road and Norrans Ridge Drive. This letterbox is not hard to find. The trails are flat and easy to navigate. Estimate 20 minutes to find, and 15 minutes to walk back to the car. 1 step=1 adult step

The Box: This box is an anniversary box for my best friend and husband, Noiel. We were married July 28, 2007. We move out of our condo the same week as our first wedding anniversary. This is a present to him! We can always come back to where we began this incredible journey together. Enjoy!

Directions to John Soluri Preserve: Enter Fox Hill Condominiums off of route 35 in Ridgefield. Drive through the complex and take the 2nd road on your right (the road is right after the club house). Follow this to the stop sign. At the stop sign, enter the lot and find a visitors spot. The entrance to the preserve is directly in front of the end of the 2nd set of garages from where you entered the lot. (The sign for the preserve is further into the trail, you cannot see it from the parking lot—just look for a wide opening…)

CLUES: After entering the trail, you will notice a huge tree with its roots pulled from the ground on your left. Continue on and you will find the official preserve sign on the same side. Pass 3 houses on your left. Notice a stone wall runs parallel to the trail on your right. Cross over __A__ planks. (Count them because you will need this to calculate a distance later on) In about 36 steps you will cross over a small bridge.Continue on the path, ignoring the first entrance to the yellow trail on your right. At the fork, continue at 240 Degrees. Take 20 steps and take the trail south. The stone wall will now be on both sides of the trail as you continue. Pass a large boulder, a dead tree and a log crossing your path. Continue until you are about to go through a stone wall (stop before). Walk at 240 Degrees __B_ steps (see calculation below). Find the Strong Foundations letterbox tucked inside the stone wall.

(A ÷ 2) - 3 = B

A= _____ B=_____

Please mark the book. Seal all plastic bags to protect materials and return box to where you found it. If the box is missing or any part of it is destroyed please contact me at

Retrace your steps back to the parking lot!