Twilight in the Park  LbNA # 42307

Placed DateJul 30 2008
LocationMarysville, WA
Planted Bywombat40598    
Found By nanamap
Last Found Aug 26 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Jennings Park in Marysville. It was first used during a Girl Scout day camp at the park for the girls to earn a letterboxing/geocaching badge.
First park your car behind third base, then follow the setting sun and down the path give chase. Keep following the path on down the hill. You can ride a purple T-rex for a really big thrill. From the tail of the dino take a 300 degree heading, about the magnetic north correction, don't you all be sweating. Follow the heading till a bridge you reach, then walk towards the water. Sorry, there's no beach! At the edge of the pond, a heading of 202 degrees will show you the way. Go around the pond and watch the pretty fountain spray. Follow the path and watch the kids fish. If you want this to end, you'll soon have your wish. Follow the path to the pond's north edge. At the green bench head due west along the wild hedge. After 10 average size steps, on your right you will see, a bevy of mushrooms on the side of a tree. Watching out for geomuggles, look round the tree with the shelves. When you're done rehide the box well and keep its location to yourselves.