Turtle Lake Park  LbNA # 42330

Placed DateJul 30 2008
LocationShoreview, MN
Planted ByTundra Time    
Found By spunkyturtle
Last Found May 15 2011
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Ramsey County's wonderful Turtle Lake Park in Shoreview, Minnesota.
It is located off Highway 49 (Hodgson Road) across the street from Chippewa Middle School about 1.1 miles north of the intersection of Highway 49 and Highway 96 on the east edge of Shoreview.
When you see the sign and entrance to the park on the west side of the road, turn in and drive straight down the hill to the parking lot by the lake and beach to park your vehicle. Look up the entrance driveway from which you just came, and you will notice 7 big trees in a grassy area on left side of the driveway going up the hill, plus one smaller evergreen closer to driveway. From the curb, walk east up the hill approximately 52 steps to the seventh tree, an oak tree, close to the woods edge.
Look to the north of the seventh tree and there's an opening into the woods. Enter the path between a leaf pile on your left and a trig/branch pile on your right. (If you get to the fence, you have gone too far.) Walk northeast about 30 steps looking for an oak tree with three trunks (2 live and 1 dead). When sighted, look in the center where the three trunks meet about 2 feet off the ground under twigs and bark to find stamp and logbook.
"HOORAY" you found it!!! Please seal and rehide well in original location.
On your way out, take a break for a dip in the clear lake to cool off, or if in the winter, to go ice fishing.
Happy Trails!!!