Beachcombin' Babes  LbNA # 42334

Placed DateJul 22 2008
LocationKelleys Island, OH
Found By Yankocats
Last Found Aug 16 2013
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Beachcombin' Babes

From the ferry head north on Division St until you reach the turn for the public beach access on the right. Turn in. At the bottom of the hill the small beach parking is on the right. Go LEFT towards the extra parking area and the rock pier. There is a stone "island" just before the pier. Standing with your back to the island and facing the lake there is a large tree with a "no parking" sign attached to it. At the base of the tree is a large flat rock. The box is under the corner of the rock nearest the tree. Please be very discreet there is alot of foot, bike and auto traffic! Watch for the poison ivy! After you find the box take a walk on rock pier. You can see some beautiful lake views and chat with the fishermen.