Glacial Groovie  LbNA # 42336

Placed DateJul 22 2008
LocationKelleys Island, OH
Found By 2 travelers
Last Found Jun 12 2014
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Glacial Groovie

Approximately 25,000 year ago a great continental glacier flowed from Canada into northern Ohio. After the climate warmed (appx 10,000 years ago) the ice melted and the island retained these glacial grooves. Due to their size and accessability these are the most famous grooves in the WORLD!

From the ferry go north across the island on Division St. Just past the campground will be the parking area for the Glacial Grooves (on the left). There are 2 sets of stairs. To the left of the stairs will be a small hill. Standing by the rock at the base of the hill go 75 steps up the hill to the edge of the woods. The grooves will be on your right. You will see a path leading into the woods. Go 40 stpes into the woods until you reach a stone staircase. At the base of the the steps go left towards the red house. Close to the road you will see a mound of large rocks. 3 of them are standing on edge. Look under the front of the left rock. Watch for some poison ivy!