Dry Land & Plants-Creation Series 3 of 7  LbNA # 42343

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo    
Placed DateJul 30 2008
LocationAustin, TX
Found ByGiant Eyeball!
Last UpdateMay 9 2013


Dry Land & Plants—Creation Series Box 3/7

In the beginning, Genesis says,
God created Time, then Water and Sky.
Day One and Day Two
Have now gone by.

Day Three brought forth
From Water and Sky
The Land called Earth
With plants where it was dry.

To find this box, #3 of the 7,
Take a drive to Austin, part of Texas heaven.
To the center of town (you can motor or bike)
Enter Zilker Botanical Garden for a peaceful little hike.

Park where you may near the kiosk with a map
You’re looking for the oldest garden, older than history mayhap.

Find your way to this place, passing roses and friends,
Stride left when you enter; quench your thirst for here it ends.

Past the cycas rumphii, find the alligator juniper,
In the rock crevice of the wall find the treasure you been huntin’fer.

The colors you’ll want, I hope you won’t frown,
Include yellow, green, blue, with some purple and brown.
Please log name and date, contact placer with comments,
Hide box again well, so next boxer has no laments.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Creation.
Read Genesis 1:9-13 for specific information.
It’s also nice to know of your visit here today,
So register on Atlas Quest or LBNA.