Sun, Moon & Stars-Creation Series 4 of 7  LbNA # 42344

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateJul 28 2008
LocationGeorgetown, TX
Found By Steph7
Last Found Nov 9 2014
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Sun, Moon and Stars—Creation Series Box 4/7

In the beginning, Genesis says,
God created Time, then Water and Sky.
Day One and Day Two
Quickly gone by.

Day Three brought forth
From Water and Sky
The Land called Earth
With plants where it was dry.

Day Four divided the day from the night
With Sun for the former, moon and stars for night light.
The box by this name resides near a planetarium of course.
To Georgetown, in Texas, go by car, bike or horse.

To the street named the same as the institution
(The one of higher learning) where you’ll find the solution.
Near diamonds that are hard and diamonds that are soft,
Park you car in the spot #4 facing south.

In front of your car a row of bushes you’ll see,
And the telescope behind you is where it should be.
In bush 5 from the right nestled safely inside,
Is the box where the sun, moon and stars do abide.

The color of yellow and also of blue,
Will be the ones that are best for you.
Please log name and date, contact placer with comments,
Hide box again well, so next boxer has no laments.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Creation.
Read Genesis 1:14-19 for specific information.
It’s also nice to know of your visit here today,
So register on Atlas Quest or LBNA.