de Benneville Series  LbNA # 42367

Placed DateAug 1 2008
CountySan Bernardino
LocationAngelus Oaks, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Jun 8 2012
Hike Distance?

You can only do this series if you are a camper at de Benneville Pines. This series was created and planted by kids! Enjoy the series of 4 diverse stamps, and please be sure to hide them well. The weather and critters have destroyed a few other letterboxes, so protecting them is helpful too. Be sure to "stamp in" discreetly so you don’t give the hiding places away to other campers! You can always stamp in somewhere else and then return it to its spot.

#1 – Little Green Man

1. Lodge.
2. Round and round, yellow I spin. When I’m wrapped up tight, you win!
3. Slide straight down or loop around, either way, I’m still not found.
4. I’m a Little Green Man, and I’m what you seek. Stand BEHIND this “arrow” platform, for we don’t want you to get hit and leak.
5. From the place you now stand, walk towards the Little Green Man. He’s hiding as good as can be, behind the big, dead horizontal tree. (For which way you shall seek, be sure to head the direction of the creek.)
6. A medium grey and green colored rock is where you’ll find this Little Green “Spock”. (or rather, Man – and look for his protective pile of rocks)

#2 – The Spiral

1. Sip of Coffee?
2. See the sign of this house below the lake. No need for the first word.
3. Second word, no need for the “U”. Go there? There’s a flag or two or three.
4. Do you see one who can Spiral until he is dizzy with happiness? 
5. Go to the base.

#3 – The Mountain Has Eyes

1. Go to the area where campers like to play a particular flag game. It's also the road you took when you very first came.
2. Walk for a bit. Look for the place where the Little Green Man puts his trash. Nearby you’ll find the stash!
3. Walk right between the two big cans, straight up the hill a tall tree stump stands.
4. Just a little bit farther, another stump you will find. Look in the top, and there is your gold mine! (be sure you check many of these stumps)

#4 – Metamorphosis - MISSING

1. Flutter to the place where people eat and, many just hang out and meet.
2. You’ve been on quite a trip, so go to the place where the Little Green Man might wet his lips, get a drip and take a sip. “Gulp, aaaaaah!”
3. After you take a DRINK, flutter outside to the green THINK….um, we mean THING….battaboom, battabing.
4. Flutter up the main trail to where there’s LOTS more green things.
5. Take a rest to finish this test. The 5th or 6th row will do.
6. Flutter left and you will see yet another fallen, dead tree.
7. You’ve come so far, we hope you’ve had a good time. As you can see, we like to rhyme. Good job with this feat, no go get yourself a treat before you are beat.