Ringing Rocks  LbNA # 42376

Placed DateAug 1 2008
LocationWhitehall, MT
Found By FrogiNater
Last Found Jun 18 2009
Hike Distance?

The Ringing Rocks are an unusual tower of rocks that ring in different tones, so don't forget a hammer! Don't plan on removing any of the rocks to bring home with you play with later, as they will only make a "thud" sound when moved. So Enjoy them there!!!

Directions: Going East or West on the I-90 you take the Pipestone Exit #241. Coming from the West, you will immediately turn right onto the Frontage Road right off the exit ramp. Coming from the East, go under the Interstate and just past the westbound offramp on your right, go right onto the Frontage Road immediately after it. There is a sign that says "Ringing Rocks Access Road".

Follow the gray gravel road for approximately 4.1 miles. This road is at times steep terrain and you may need to drive a 4x vehicle. Along the way you will cross 2 cattle guards, a railroad track, and another cattle guard. When you pass through the 4th cattle guard you will be close to reaching your destination and will be able to look up and see the brownish red tower of ringing rocks ahead. Follow the road up the last hill and around the corner and you will reach the Ringing Rocks. Have some fun with your hammer playing and listening to the different tones they ring.

Clues to the Letterbox: Read the Information Sign for the Ringing Rocks to learn its history. After you read the sign, walk to the left side of the sign, and go between the two trees to some rocks. Find the large semi-flat rock in front of you and you will find the letterbox is to the right side of it under a pile of little rocks.

Enjoy your prize and please be discreet and rehide for others to find!