The Maritimers' Journey  LbNA # 42403

Placed DateAug 2 2008
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
Planted By4Adventure    
Found By grimalkin13
Last Found Sep 24 2010
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PLACED BY: 4Adventure on August 02, 2008. We originally are from the East Coast of Canada, but moved here a few years ago.
LOCATION: KANAKA CREEK REGIONAL PARK RIVERFRONT. Located on the 23200 block of River Rd in Maple Ridge. This section of River Road is where the Maple Ridge/Fort Langley ferry is located.
DIRECTIONS: From West Maple Ridge, drive east on Lougheed Highway. Once you go through the lights at Lougheed Hwy and Kanaka Way, quickly go into the right lane, which will turn onto River Rd. Go over the tracks from which you see the Park entrance on your right. If you miss the turn off from Lougheed Hwy, no worries! Keep travelling east on Lougheed for 2.5 kms until you reach the lights at 240th. Turn right on 240th, go over the tracks, and drive approximately 2.5 kms. The park entrance will be on your left.
From East Maple Ridge/Mission, drive west on Lougheed Hwy until the lights at 240th street. Turn left onto 240th, go over the tracks, and drive approximately 2.5 kms where you will see the park entrance on your left.
From Ferry: Once you reach Maple Ridge from Fort Langley, exit the ferry parking lot and turn left onto River Road. Drive approximately 2 kms, and the park entrance is on your left.
PARK INFORMATION: Park hours are 7:00am to 10:00pm. Free Parking. Park is dog and stroller friendly. There are well maintained flush bathrooms on the West side of the parking lot.
DIFFICULITY: Easy. Suitable for children. Length of round trip journey is 30 to 45 minutes. Level walkways with no steep inclines. Depending on the season, bring bug repellent and/or long sleeve shirts and pants. If your kids enjoy water, you may wish to also bring water shoes, as there is a beach visit on this hunt. There are also places to picnic.

Begin at information Kiosk in the parking lot. Facing east at the Kiosk, begin your journey by taking the short path on your right. Walk 23 steps to the ‘T’ and take the left path.

Heading east on the gravel path, walk past the benchmark and tri to enjoy the horse-shoe view. Be very careful to lookout for wet feet and snow in summer. If you are lucky, you may also see paddling ducks or soaring eagles. Once your eyes and spirit have been satiated, continue travelling on the same gravel path, heading south (the same direction as before your diversion).

Follow the curvy path and find the fence that marks the trail you must take. A short distance down the path, an overhead arm assures you have chosen correctly.

Turn left on the short wooden bridge, and take the narrow steps down to the beach and enjoy the booming view and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. When you are ready to resume your journey, return to the narrow steps, and turn left onto the path from which you recently departed.

Enjoy the stroll that will lead to an arched wooden bridge on your right. Travel across the bridge and admire the open air view.

Once you have crossed the bridge, you will encounter a V. Take the left path and soon you will see a place where you can picnic and enjoy the River view.

As you continue to venture farther, you will see an outhouse on your right. Investigate if you dare, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.

Resist the temptation to sit and relax in the more desirable left side location, and instead follow the path as it curves to the right.

Journey onward until you reach another V. Take the right trail to find Nature’s tunnel.

Soldier on, your journey is almost complete. Can you hear the sounds of the world passing by….

Walk for several minutes but be watchful for boldness attempting to block your path. Continue walking, and begin looking on your left for the moss covered one divided into three. From there walk 22 steps to the two guardians who rightly hold what you seek. This is your Journey’s end.
There is a special gift for the first finder.

To return back to the parking lot, continue along this trail for a short distance, which will quickly bring you to the arched wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left. You are now back tracking your previous steps. Follow the main trail out of the wooded area and turn left, and follow this trail back to the parking lot.

Hope you had fun!