Breathe  LbNA # 42406

Placed DateAug 2 2008
LocationMolalla, OR
Found By Fiddler
Last Found Mar 23 2011
Hike Distance?


The Reason:
Originally planted to help celebrate We Live and Breathe in 2008. Left as a permanent box to help remember this magical event and the wonderful time we had.

The Clues:
Camp Adams is on Highway 211 in Molalla, Oregon. Directly across the street from the entrance to Camp Adams is South Short Fellows Rd. Go up that road .25 miles. On the left you will see a wire fence. There is a gate in the fence. To the left of the gate is a tree with a stump in front of it. On the ground between the stump and the road is a short log. At the end of the log furthest from the road the box is tucked, covered with rocks and dirt.

The box has 2 log books in it. Please check that book 3 is used before book 4 is started.

Please let me know how this box is doing. I won't be able to check on it myself since we live on the East Coast but I will ask a local boxer for help if the box needs maintenance.