NC Reptile/Dog/Mammal/Wildflower  LbNA # 42421

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateAug 3 2008
LocationNew Hill, NC
Found By Willow Spring, NC
Last Found Mar 18 2009
Hike Distance?

NC 3rd Annual Triangle Area Mini Gatherin
New Hill NC

Harris Lake Park
2112 Country Park Drive

Follow the Peninsula Trail

#1 NC State Reptile

After parking enter the trails where the billboard is.
Take the first Right, then go Left at the markers.
Do you see the water?
Before the trail bends to the Right, there is a clearing on your Left, you can see the reeds and the inlet there.
Go 12 paces in then 3 paces to the Right.
There you will see a downed log, look at the end of the downed log in a pile of pine straw.
The reptile wants to get out and into the water!

#2 NC State Dog

Continue on down the trail.
Sniff Sniff.
Go over the bridge then stop at the bench on the left.
Roo roo!
Sit facing the water.
There is a downed log on the Left, the pup is taking a nap there!

#3 NC State Mammal

Continue down the trail.
After passing the murky pond on your right, make a Right at the parking and trailhead sign.
Follow forward till you see the bench infront of the water. Sit on this bench and face the water.
Look to your right and find the stump with a thin log leaning at an angle by it.
The mammal has scampered into the stump.
Cover me up well!

#4 NC State Wildflower

At the fork in the road, facing away from the water, go Right.
Cross over the mud bridge to the Right.
Cross the wooden bridge and go to the right.
Stop at marker #9.
Behind it is a small stump.
The wildflower is growing inside the stump.
Replant and cover me well!