The Fallen #3  LbNA # 42459 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 26 2008
LocationKokomo, IN
Planted ByW.E.S.    
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Hike Distance?

[Reported lost. - Choi]

After you have found 'The Fallen #2' then travel West on Lincoln rd to Dixon rd. Turn South on Dixon rd. Drive until you see two houses of my new father. You will find them as hope on the face of the deep. Travel to the South end of the one farthest from the road. Drive down the grass road and turn left.

You must cross the trenches as I crossed them long ago. I am no longer broken and discarded. I am a warrior in a new army now. The army of my father who cannot be beaten. Never shall i be defeated again! I now stand point as I once did. My comrades at my back. I am ever watchful and I continually see the reaping and the sowing. I watch the young grow and the mature cut down in their prime. Only for them to become as I. In the presence of my Father.