The Fallen #2  LbNA # 42460 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 26 2008
LocationKokomo, IN
Planted ByA C Power    
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Hike Distance?

Once you have found ' The Fallen #2' travel south on Phillips st to Park ave. East on Park ave to Washington St. South on Washington st to Hoffer st. East on Hoffer st to La Fountain st. On La Fountain st between Hoffer st and S Washington st, you will find 18 small holes. When you find the holes travel to the northern most end of the property by car.

You will see some great and mighty shaft that have been poisoned but who have withstood the test of time. Still Strong and lean. When you find the North-West most shaft face, the road. Walk 6 paces and face right. Walk 10 paces to the 'Narrow Path' If you do what is right again you will find me among the dead, dieing, and broken. Although those closest to me have been sundered and discarded; their memory will remain as strong as steel and their deeds as lasting as stone.