Let's Ride  LbNA # 42461

Placed DateAug 2 2008
LocationEagle, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Aug 4 2008
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Let's Ride

We will start this adventure at Horseriders Camp in Palmyra, WI. Saddle up and head on out to the town that boasts a nice coral for you to leave your mount while you partake in the best onion rings in 100 miles! Have a few beverages with your rings at Bad Boy Boulevard for a Howlin' good time. (iron horse riders welcome!) Head back the way you came (your horse will remember the way if you had too howling of a time) and ride to the overgrown overlook. Here you can tie up and enjoy the view for a bit....but wait! Before you leave, be sure to check right in front of your trusty steed's nose for what you seek! You will find "Let's Ride" nestled in the crook of a fallen tree.