Riverboat Days  LbNA # 42480

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateAug 3 2008
LocationYankton, SD
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Riverboat Days, Yankton's annual summer celebration, draws thousands upon thousands of people to town, and offers something for everyone.

To find this letterbox, head west out of Yankton on Hwy 52. About a mile past the fish hatchery, you will see a sign that tells you Gavins Point Dam is two miles to the left. Take this turn, which will put you on Crest Rd, and give you a fantastic view of Lewis & Clark Lake on the right, and Lake Yankton on the left.

You will come to a stopsign near the dam. If you've never driven across the dam, you might want to take this opportunity to do it. The road to the letterbox, however, is the one that heads down the hill on the east side of this stop sign. If you head to it now, instead of going across the dam, you will make a 180 degree turn. When you get to the bottom of the hill, turn right.

Follow this road around as it travels along the river. On the left, you will see a sandy beach on Lake Yankton. If it's summer, the swimming area will be marked off by orange buoys. Just past this place, look for a rainbow tube, and park in the parking lot nearby.

Walk to the west side of the tube, and stand facing it where the grass ends and the springy black begins. Look at the retaining wall that begins near your right foot. It starts one-block high, and as you count nine stones, the next level will begin. You will find the next level has four stones, and the level after that one has two stones. The letterbox is under the first of these two stones. There is a hole under the back side of it, just big enough for the letterbox. The opening is covered with leaves and stones, and I hope you'll be careful to leave it well hidden after you stamp in.