Perry's Stumper  LbNA # 42510 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSharing Pioneers    
Placed DateJul 19 2008
LocationBlack River Falls, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Oct 9 2009
Hike Distance?

Perry’s Stumper located in Perry Creek Park

Terrain is a well-traveled but at times uneven trail.

To reach Perry Creek Park - Start in Black River Falls at the intersection of Highways 54 and 12/27 (at the stoplight located at the top of the Black River Bridge. The Co-op Credit Union can be a landmark. Take Highway 27 South for 2.7 miles until you reach Perry Creek Road.

Turn right onto Perry Creek Road and travel 1.2 miles to the park. From the parking lot, walk northeast until you reach the concrete stairs. Go down the stairs and cross the bridge. Turn right at the end of the bridge and follow the path for about 75 steps. At that point, there is another path to the right that leads down to the creek -- don’t go there! To your left your will see an upturned old tree trunk with rocks grown into the roots. Look behind the trunk at the hole in the base. You may have to dig a bit, as it was covered with leaf litter. Leave your stamp and return the letterbox to its hiding place, please.

If you’d like, continue along the trail. Be sure to bring along your camera as you’ll find some great photo opportunities. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the park before you leave. Please let us know the status of our letterbox!

Thank you,

The Sharing Pioneers 4-H Club