Brookside Park  LbNA # 42547

OwnerQuilt Fan & Cy    
Placed DateJun 10 2010
LocationAmes, IA
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found Sep 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Brookside Park, Ames, Iowa
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10 minutes

Clues: If coming from out of town, take Hwy. 30 to University (formerly Elwood Drive). Take University (Elwood) northward, towards ISU campus. Pass Reimen Gardens, Jake Trice Stadium, Hilton Coliseum, and Lincoln Way. Turn right at the first light after Lincoln Way, which is Sixth Street. Drive under the train bridge and watch for the park entrance on the left, across from the skate park. Turn into the park, then park in the lot to your right.

Take one of the paths that leads you past the Maple Shelter. Head east, towards the creek. A bridge over Squaw Creek is on your right. Enjoy the new bridge, replaced after the flooding of '08. But do not cross it. Walk north along the path closest to the river. You will continue past Linden Shelter.

When you get to a fork in the path, which takes you either west towards other park areas or north into a heavily forested area, go into the forested area. It is paved and wide. Watch out for bikers.

Walk along this path, keeping an eye to your left. Find a wooden post with the number 23. If you walk far enough that you can’t see much of the park, you have gone too far! Several feet to the right of the “23” post stands a large tree, surrounded by many smaller trees and one metal post. You will find the letterbox behind the largest tree. Because of traffic on the path, please take the box back to a shelter to do your stamping. Rehide well!

Last checked in October, 2011.

In the park there are lots of play sets for kids, and shelters for picnics. For pictures see