Natural Nobility #4 - Bald Eagle  LbNA # 42582

OwnerGrumpy Grinch    
Placed DateAug 8 2008
CountyKetchikan Gateway
LocationKetchikan, AK
Found ByTeddy's Butterfly (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 30 2014


This letterbox will be found after a 3 mile round-trip hike with significant uphill sections, or a quick taxi ride. Deer Mountain towers above Ketchikan and is home to many of the region's magnificent Bald Eagles. From the downtown area, head up Ketchikan Lane and make a stop at Nordstrom. Don't try to go shopping there. Instead cross the intersection to the Deer Mountain Trail Head sign. Cross the parking lot to the northwest corner. Turn right and take 10 steps. Look on your left between the wooden parking strip and the leaning rock to find the Bald Eagle.