A Gift For Esmerelda  LbNA # 42584

Placed DateAug 4 2008
LocationGrand Junction, CO
Found By CW Sun Seeker
Last Found Jun 28 2011
Hike Distance?

Apologies to Mr. C.S. Lewis....

Long ago and far away, eight-year-old Lucy had hidden herself away in a wardrobe. She was sure that she would not be found by her siblings, but as a precaution she pushed further back into the wardrobe amongst the musty smell of fur coats no longer cherished by their owner. As she retreated further in she suddenly found herself outside in a wood. Confused, she arose from the cold, snowy ground and proceeded to peer through the trees, hoping to identify a known landmark and alay her growing alarm. She began to move cautiously toward a light beckoning in the glade ahead. As she approached Lucy saw the light was a lamp post, standing as lone sentinel against the twilight. As she wondered about the placement of the lamp post, a clip-cloping noise came to her ears, she stepped back amongst the trees just as a figure came into view. It was a very different sort of creature, half man and half goat with curly hair, pointed ears, a scarf around his neck warding off the chill and carrying both an umbrella and a package. The creature looked up, started at the appearance of Lucy and dropped his package and umbrella with a mixture of curiousity and alarm. Lucy, concerned that the creature may have hurt himself, rushed forward to help pick up his items and introduce herself. Mr. Tumnis was dismayed at the appearance of the muggle, he had just begun to plant his first 'package'; a gift for his pirate friend, Esmerelda. Hoping to lead the muggle away from his choice hiding place, Mr. Tumnis offered Lucy a cup of tea to fight off the chill of the coming evening. They had a very enjoyable evening together, playing music, eating pie and swaping stories of adventure. Lucy noted it was getting very late and rose to leave, but Mr. Tumnis insisted on walking her back to the lamp post. When Lucy disappeared amongst the trees, Mr. Tumnis turned once again to the task at hand; hiding his gift so the White Pirate Witch would not find it. Mr. Tumnis smiled to himself as he passed through the park...remembering another time, another age when this park was a forest. Home to brigands, theives, and heros. A time of treachory, honor, love and loyalty. The merry band of men that inhabited the "forest" at that time would follow their leader to the ends of the earth...sure that all the "robin" they did of the rich folk and givin' to the poor would earn them more pie in Heaven.

Mr. Tumnis moved along the western edge of the park heading south, wary of the trees, muggles and the White Pirate Witch. As he neared the end of the park he heard the distinctive sound of the bells coming from the carraige of the White Pirate Witch. Running quickly across the street to the west, Mr. Tumnis noted a grouping of trees with several rocks along the front edge. Jumping behind a boulder on the left, he was just in time to hear the haunting evil laugh of the White Pirate Which as she flew by. In his haste, his package fell, lodged behind the boulder. He scrambled to his hoofs, jumped over the boulders and darted back across the street to the park, wishing it once again afforded a forest of trees to hide behind.

He hopes his friend Esmerelda will find her gift and know how much she is appreciated for all that she does for pirates, and boxers in despeate need of tupperware.

Wheelchair, stroller friendly. Drive by.