Poppin' Fresh Pies  LbNA # 42589 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2008
LocationChapel Hill Cemetery, Des Moines, IA
Found By Hawktwins2001
Last Found Aug 11 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 28 2015

REPLACED AT LAST...See below for slightly adjusted clues. Thanks for your patience!

In 1969, a Des Moines, Iowa restaurant was becoming famous for it's homemade pies. The restaurant called “Mrs. C's” was located on Merle Hay Road and was purchased by Pillsbury. They renamed it “Poppin' Fresh Pies" around 1971 and opened other locations in the Upper Midwest. In 1983, VICORP, owners of Village Inn restaurant chain, purchased Poppin Fresh Pies and renamed it Bakers Square. They are also known for their pies and most recently the “All you can eat pie for $5.99 after 8pm”. This original restaurant location closed filing bankruptcy on April 2, 2008. To commemorate an era when homemade pie was close at hand, this little guy was laid to rest in his current location.

Clues: From Interstate 80/I-35 exit at Merle Hay Road and proceed south just over 0.5miles to the Merle Hay Funeral Home and Chapel Hill Gardens Cemetery on the right. Take the 2nd entrance turning right. He may be an “odd fellow” but don't stop here. Proceed straight ahead around past the Lutheran gates and on toward the maintenance building. Curve past it toward the left proceeding to where a large sentinel guards 4 Kings. Leaning against his southern side, give regards to the namesake's former location just up the street.(The building was recently torn down and a Firestone Tire Store replaced it) Walk ~ 9 paces toward the hedge and find Poppin' Fresh lying at rest in here. There is a slight break in the hedge, all of which have elm trees sprouting from them, so choose the one to the right of the break. Depending on the activity in the area, you might choose to stamp in on the Barkley's Bench. I replaced the box with a camo-covered bag/pouch and it is lying flat on the ground with sticks over it. This hedge gets trimmed and goes bare in the fall, so please make sure it is not visible. I believe they disposed of it last time they trimmed. Please let me know if there is an issue with the box.
Happy Hunting.
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