Apshawa Preserve  LbNA # 42599

Placed DateAug 8 2008
LocationWest Milford, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Apshawa Preserve (2)
Apshawa Preserve
Placed 08/08/08 by Wingfoot & Angelfoot
West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Hilly
Time: 2 Hours

Directions to the Apshawa Preserve from Route 287
• Route 287N to Exit 52 - Route 23 North
• Route 23 North for 5.6 miles to Germantown Road
• Right turn onto Germantown Road and travel for 2.5 miles
• Right turn onto Macopin Road and travel for 1.6 miles
• Right turn onto Northwood Road
• Travel 100 yards and look to the Right for the entrance

Pay close attention to the blazes, as there are many unblazed trails.

Apshawa Preserve

This stamp is two sided. One side the carving is different then anything I’ve done before. I decided to make it sort of a modern art piece.

Take the white trail from parking lot. Shortly on left you’ll see the start of the green trail. Stay on white trail until you come to the second green trail. Take second green trail on left. This is the trail you’ll be staying on. Shortly you’ll pass start of the yellow trail on left. Stay on green trail. Eventually green trail meets up with red. Go left taking the merged red-green trail over the stream crossings. Do not climb on the dam. When green trail splits left from red take green trail. At the next set of blazes indicating to make a right on the trail stop. From tree with blazes indicating to make right turn go 9 paces at 60 degrees to a rock. Behind on the left, underneath a bunch of rocks is what you seek. Please hide box completely hidden from view after stamping in.

Tanks Alot

Pick up green trail the way you didn’t come. You’ll understand the name of this letterbox better when you get to it. Green trail will begin to climb, take trail to the top (After all this is a Wingfoot box). There is an obscured view at the top. It’s better depending upon the time of year you go. Trail will then descend. You’ll come to a fireroad. Shortly on the right of the trail you’ll see Apshawa Falls. Very shortly you’ll pass some more interesting stuff and then come to the ruins of two old small buildings. On the second building there will be a green blaze. From that blaze go 21 paces at 130 degrees. You’ll come to a tree, behind it under a pile of rocks is what you seek. Please hide box completely hidden from view after stamping in.

Pick up green trail the way you didn’t come. Very shortly you’ll come to man made water falls. Stay with green trail. When you come to white trail take a right back to parking lot.