Fall Leaf  LbNA # 42611

OwnerDonegal Dysfunctionals    
Placed DateAug 9 2008
LocationSomerset, PA
Found By cacheygolean
Last Found Jun 5 2015
Hike Distance?

No trip to the beautiful Laurel Highlands would be complete without a visit to Laurel Hill State Park. We local call it "Trent" in case you have to ask for directions.

No matter which end of the park you begin at, you should pick up a map of the trails. If you have extra time, you can take alternate routes back from the box - if you have a map. Your journey begins at the Pumphouse Trail parking area. From here it's pretty easy going. The trail is wide and well traveled with only a slight grade about halfway. Stay on Pumphouse Trail until you hear the sound of rushing water. You have arrived at Jones Mill Run Dam - your destination. Take time to admire this historic feature built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the 1930's. We like to bring a lunch or snack along to eat and relax here. One of us - can't say which - has been known to nap here too!

Once you are ready to finish your treasure hunt - you'll want to start at the bench that's downstream from the dam. From sitting on the bench take 20 steps (not paces) to the big rock between two trees along the creek (back toward the dam). Once here, turn you back to the water and face into the woods. You will see two trees growing on top of the rocks. Take approximately 12 steps to the bigger rock. Look there by the roots and rocks for the flat faced rock that doesn't quite belong. Carefully uncover it from the leaves and such that camo it from the rest of the hikers. Pull the top back towards you and behind it you will find what you seek in a little cave between the roots and rocks. Make sure you bring a ink pad, ours dried up and we didn't have an extra to leave. Sorry!

In case you need a little extra direction, you know you're at the right trees and rocks if the tree to the left has a football sized rock directly under it holding the actual base of the tree off the ground. The rock covering the letterbox is just to the right of this - follow the big root of this tree and you'll see the black rock tip! That's the one!!

We hope you enjoy it here. It's one of our favorite hikes. We enjoyed the glorious day and had fun planting the box.