Fern Canyon Trail  LbNA # 42647

Placed DateAug 10 2008
LocationLittle River, CA
Planted Bypygmy pixies    
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Go up Little River Airport Road, approximately 3 miles to the Pygmy Forest Parking lot,
Van Damme State Park.
Park in the parking lot.
Start at trail from gate, walk straight a few minutes till you get to the Y in the trail.
There is a map of the park here and two trails branching off. You will take the trail to the right, it will say Fern Canyon 2.3 miles.
You will follow the trail past two bridges and then a little further on you will see a half circle of redwood tress (4 large and 1 small) growing around a huge old growth redwood stump, on your left below you should see another bridge, but you won't go any further.
You will climb the redwood stump and look inside to the right, under a oak branch that crosses the top of the stump. Dig through some redwood needles
and bark. The letterbox will be hidden not far below the surface.
The hike to the letterbox takes approximately 15 minutes, and about 20 minutes to hike back to the parking area, if you just turn around and go back. We do recommend though,
if you have time, continue on past the stump and follow the trail into Fern Canyon which will lead you in a loop back to the Y up the other branch trail.
The full hike takes about an 1 1/2 hours. It is full of amazing scenery, huge trees and you will follow along the Van Damme Creek for a couple miles, truly inspirational!
First finder gets a prize!
Good luck,
The Pygmy Pixies