Scenic Playground  LbNA # 42661 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTexas Pink Pony    
Placed DateJul 20 2008
LocationRed River, NM
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Apr 10 2009
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Mallette Creek originates nearly 4 miles North and flows South to Red River before turning West to join the Rio Grande. Years ago miners sifted the water in sluice boxes searching for gold. Today's treasures include rich plant & animal communities that thrive together along the creek. Willows, cottonwoods, & alders provide homes for birds and small animals. While deer, elk, and others come for water.

Along this beautiful creek is a shaded park with picnic tables, tennis courts, playground, frisbee golf, and hiking.

Our kids LOVE to play on the play scape and hike along the creek. A great place to have a family gathering!

Take Hwy 38 north into Red River.

Turn right at Mallette Rd.

Continue past a sign that reads Cabresto Canyon -10 miles

Mallette Canyon Park is located on the left

From the park sign, look for a small walking bridge.

Go stand in the middle of the bridge to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take a reading from the center of the bridge at 290 degrees.

Count 45 steps at this heading. You will be at the base of the mountain and also below a large tree.

Toward the back side of the tree is a rock leaned up against the tree to create a small crevice. The box is hidden in this crevice with smaller rocks hiding the opening.

After stamping-up please rehide SECRETLY!! This park is a well used park so be sneaky!

Also,watch for the stickery weeds!

Please e-mail us after you find it, as we are not able to check this box often. Happy "boxing"!!