The Good Life  LbNA # 42664 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 9 2008
LocationFrasier park, CA
Planted ByZoofamily    
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You will need an Adventure Pass to park in the forest. You can get one in many sporting goods shops or at the Ranger station. The fine is HEFTY in your car is parked there without the pass when the Rangers come by.

Start at Pt. Pinos Nordic Base. Take the trail to the right of the base called Knoll Loop. Go straight 212 medium-sized paces and take the trail you find to the left (it is unmarked and BEFORE you get to the Chula Vista Campground sign. If you get to the sign, you have missed the trail.

Follow this offshoot trail and you will see two outhouses on the left and many walk-in campsites on the right. The last one has a marker #7 (hard to see the marker; look very carefully. The 7 is hard to read, too, but it is a good landmark.) STOP at this marker and look straight ahead. You will see a HUGE tree that splits into two about 3/4 the way up. Go past this tree as the trail gently winds through the trees. You will see a fallen tree on the right. It is pointing left to a boulder pile (on the left of the trail). There is a SMALL trail leading to the boulders (don't take the bigger trail that leads back toward the Nordic Base). Meander through the bushes toward the boulders, being careful not to trample the small plants. At the boulders you will see two distinct piles: one BIG on the left; and a smaller square pile on the right. If you are in the right spot, you should see a tree that splits into two at about 4 ft. up (like a Y).

The box is hidden in the triangle-shaped crevice at the base of it. The box is covered with rocks and bark.

Please re-hide it very well.

If you are up for another hunt, there is another box we planted nearby in McGill Campground. It is plainly called "McGill Campground."