Lobster Letterbox  LbNA # 4269 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 8 2003
LocationBelfast, ME
Found By chthiker
Last Found 8 2007
Hike Distance?

*SORRY! TEMPORARILY MISSING! Someone stole the box!!! I'll put out a new one as soon as I get a stamp. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Alli and Em were wildly swinging on the GIANT METAL SWING SET. They were going so high they could see clear over ROUTE #1 and catch glimpses of the EAST SIDE of BELFAST BAY. Suddenly there was a loud rustling from the trees off to their right. “Did you hear that?” Em asked his sister. “Yes”, answered Alli as they both began to slow down their swings. “Mom and Dad did you hear that noise?” the children asked eagerly. Mom and Dad were sitting at a picnic table nearby, enjoying a MULLEN'S HOMEMADE ICECREAM cone (cookie dough for Mom, Raspberry for Dad)from TH' ICECREAM BARN. Em and Alli stared towards the trees. “Hey, I think I saw something moving over there”, said Em. “What was it?” asked Alli excitedly. Mom called over to the children, “I bet it’s a lobster escaped from PATRICK'S RESTAURANT”. “I hope it’s a LOBSTETR ALE from the BELFAST BAY BREW PUB!” chuckled Dad. Em and Alli carefully walked away from the swing set toward a GIANT ROCK SHAPED LIKE A BEACHED BABY WHALE. Alli reached down beside the rock with Em looking over her shoulder. Alli squealed and Em yelled. “Hey! It’s a ….”

Use the BOLD words to help you find the location of the Lobster Letterbox. Be careful when you reach down beside the rock, you never know what you may find.

Start at the farthest right post (looking out toward the bay) of the giant metal swing set. Walk 38 paces (toward a giant rock). Look down around the edge of the giant rock, tucked under a smaller rock you will find the Lobster Letterbox. Replace it so that no plastic is showing, the lawnmower guys might see it and think it is trash.

Unfortunately, since we placed the letterbox the restaurant and icecream sections have closed and the building is for sale. You can still find the box and swing on the giant swingset.

Placed by Emerson and Allison (It is our first box all by ourselves)