Cowhill Express  LbNA # 42703 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCeltic Knotheads    
Placed DateAug 11 2008
LocationCommerce, TX
Found By jb kokopelli
Last Found Jul 23 2010
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Cowhill Express

Commerce had its beginning as a small settlement on a hill where cows gathered when the Sulphur River overflowed. It was fittingly called “Cow Hill”. The final name “Commerce” was attributed to William Jernigan, who came to this area in 1856 and opened a mercantile business. It is home to Texas A&M-Commerce, formerly East Texas State University.
The Cowhill Express Coffee Company began by selling coffee at the Canton, TX First Monday Trade Days, then adding a coffee shop in Commerce, TX which is the hometown of its owners. The hot months created a demand for colder drinks, which influenced the creation of a frozen cappuccino. It became so popular, they began bottling the syrup for customers to make at home. They also started wholesaling these same syrups and machines to other shops. The frozen cappuccinos and fruit granitas are now served up daily in many great coffee shops, tearooms, gourmet food stores, restaurants and gift shops around the country.
In its quest to find America's best products, QVC toured 50 states in 50 weeks, airing a special program for each state several years ago. Their frozen cappuccino syrups were featured as one of the best products in the state of Texas and sold out within minutes. They continued selling on QVC for the next few years. Commerce residents are just thrilled to have access to a place to get great, freshly ground coffees and coffee drinks where they can also meet to play bridge, mahjong, or use the computers or wifi at this unique place in our small town. The name “Cowhill” is taken from the original name for the town of Commerce.

Clues to the Letterbox

The Cowhill Express Letterbox is located inside the shop, under the counter where the computers sit. Please ask an employee for assistance and if he/she is new, tell them that Elaine (the owner) knows where it is. The shop is located on the square in Commerce at 1212 Main St. Going north on Hwy. 50 toward Commerce, turn Right on Live Oak St. at the second light, the Left at the stop sign on Washington St. and drive to the far side of the square, turning Right on Main St. The Cowhill Express Coffee Co. is at the end of this line of businesses on your Left, just beside an empty space. Look to you right as you enter the shop to the small park with a gazebo across the end of this street which is the location for the Author’s Park Letterbox. The shop is open Mon.-Sat. 7:00 AM to 10:00PM. It is not open on Sundays.

From the Longhorns Letterbox:

Turn around and go back to the stop sign at Washington St. and turn Right. Continue, passing stop signs at Culver and Live Oak streets, to the square. Go to the second street at the far side of the square and turn Right at the stop sign on Main St. You can see the coffee shop from this stop sign. Continue down this street which dead ends at the Author’s Park for that letterbox.