The windmill(Back up 04-14-09NEW directions)  LbNA # 42704

Placed DateAug 10 2008
LocationFarmer City, IL
Planted ByCola love    
Found By Risen
Last Found May 13 2012
Hike Distance?

As a unique source of energy, about 800 of these giant beasts were set up within months all around central Illinois. Going out to these windmills is something that I love to do, because their size is not only breath-taking, it can be a little scary as well. I placed this box here because I think that everyone should take a visit to them :p.

To get to this box, first you take john street/asgrow road N out of Farmer City. Now, it's a bit of a drive, and there will be a lot of gravel roads, but it's well worth it.

When the road that you're on comes to a T, take a right. Next take the first left onto 3250 E. When you come to a stop sign, take a right onto 200 N towards Rantoul. Then you will again take the first left onto a gravel road at 3350 E. Eventually the road will turn back into pavement and will T again. Take a right onto 300 N, and then the first left onto 3400 E. When you get to the stop sign, go straight onto another gravel road. At the next stop sign, go straight, and the road will turn back into pavement. Then at the next stop sign, go straight again onto another gravel road. Eventually this road will also turn back into pavement. Right before you get right next to the windmills, there is a long row of trees on your left hand side. At the base of the first tree, on the side of the direction that you had just come from, there are two broken pieces of tree leaning up against the trunk, hiding this box. Please place the wood back the way you found it, otherwise, this box is pretty visible. Thank you, and have fun.

You will need to bring your own inkpad and pen.