Hit and Run Moo  LbNA # 42710 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 9 2008
LocationWallowa, OR
Found By Team A.D.D
Last Found Oct 6 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 27 2015

Hit and Run Moo
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Easy
Number of Boxes: 1
Wheel Chair & Stroller Accessible: Grass and Hill
Dogs: Yes
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes
Logbook: No
Ink Pads or Pens: No

7/9/2010 – Hit and Run Moo is safe and sound under its bush on the metal pipe. I dropped one of my crocks into the creek while attempting to check on him and had to run down the grass to catch it before it floated away. Whew – Close Call! Blackvelvetrav

Special Notes: This is one of my Hit & Run Letterboxes. I like to call it a Hit and Run because these boxes are very quickly put together and planted. Because these magnetic boxes are so small and not completely waterproof (I discovered this past winter) they do not contain logbooks. Please make sure to log in your find so I know the status of the box. Please use your very best super sleuth seeking skills to not draw unwanted attention.

Location: Evans Park, Wallowa Oregon (Left on 4th Street).

Notes: There is a picnic shelter, bathrooms and play equipment for the kids. Please watch your little ones as there is a stream that runs through the park.

Clues: Once you have parked find the stream that runs through the park and head upstream until you come to the round metal cylinder that the water is pouring out from. If you are facing the cylinder your destination is the right side of the cylinder. Hidden under the bushes and attached to the cylinder on the outside you will find the magnetic box hiding.

Should you note the box missing, its contents in bad repair or if you just want to say “hi” please contact me at Blackvelvetrav@yahoo.com. Happy hunting!