Friends of the 100-acre wood  LbNA # 42741

Placed DateAug 1 2008
LocationHutchinson, MN
Planted Byletterbox pirate    
Found By letterbox pirate
Last Found Jun 3 2009
Hike Distance?

Letterboxes 1 and 3 have been replaced as of 6/3/2009. Please make sure they get tucked in tightly after you find and stamp them. Thank you!

Find a spot to park in the parking lot that is just west of the gas station with the name that describes the country we live in—SUPER AMERICA. Hike down the hill until you reach the Luce Line Trail. Turn east, go through the tunnel. Turn right just before the lamp post. Take an almost immediate left onto the gravel path. Walk past the AFS park sign and begin to look for a maple tree on the east side of the path with a name plate for Mats Elmeskog from Sweden. You will find the first letterbox about two feet above the fork in the tree tucked in between several branches. Make sure it’s tucked in tightly to keep it from blowing away when you are done.

Make your way back to the gravel path. Follow it past the copper student statutes and past the stone bench. Soon the path will head in two different directions, turn left on the path that heads to a large rock in the center of the park. Have a seat on one of the benches. Count the bushes on the outside of the garden starting on your right. Look in the center, at the base of bush number nine for letterbox two. Make sure to replace the letterbox in between several of the branches at the base of the bush to keep it from blowing away.

To find the last letterbox, follow the path back to where it split. Turn left, go past the large rock on the south side of the trail and continue past the picnic table. Stop when you reach the rock explaining the Friendship Grove. Turn to the west and head straight across the grass. You will find a large tree with a name plate that says Soto Katsaros from Greece. The tree has two main trunks that branch into four trunks. You will find letterbox three tucked in tight between the two trunks on the north portion of the tree. When you replace the letterbox, tuck it in tight and cover it with a few leaves for good measure. Make your way back to the gravel path and continue heading north until you reach the paved Luce Line Trail. Turn west and head back through the tunnel and up to the parking lot.