Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Lakeside Star  LbNA # 42751

Ownerthe T's    
Placed DateAug 14 2008
LocationLakeside/Marblehead, OH
Found By Birdy88
Last Found Mar 24 2016
Hike Distance?

Lakeside Star

Please note: Lakeside is a resort/chataqua community that is gated for about 10 weeks during the summer. There is a gate fee to get in during this time. The season runs from about the last week of June until Labor Day. You may be able to get around this on Sunday mornings—there are a couple of hours that you are allowed to come in for church for free. Also, I think a three-hour pass is only a few dollars. If these options don’t work, you will have to wait until after Labor Day to come in!

I have been coming to Lakeside since I was a child, and my family has a long history here (my Great-great Grandfather built the large white cottage on the lakefront at the end of Peach Ave). My aunt now owns a different cottage in the community. Now that I have children we vacation here every year, sometimes coming a couple of times. If you have never been here, give it a try! It is a wonderful restful family place.

This is our first letterbox. My son made the stamp at one of the art classes at the Rhein center.

Here are the clues:

Find the street sign for Laurel and Sixth. There is a park in this location. Start walking directly South on the paved path until you get to a square brick area (about 24 paces—2 steps=1 pace). Turn East. Take 3 paces. You should be standing in the middle of a circular cement platform. Take a compass reading of 120 degrees, and walk 44 paces. Take a compass reading of 160 degrees and walk 3 paces. You will find your Lakeside Star in the hollow of a small stump. Please re-hide well!!